URI + Córas Urogenital a mhaolú / Aigéad Uric & Urethritis / Nephritis & Cabhraíonn sé leis an gCóras Imdhíonachta

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Sonraíochtaí Míre:
  • Brand Name: VITALSI
  • Deimhniúchán: FP
  • Agar-agar capsules. Suitable for vegans: 90 capsules 500mg
  • Mixture herbal: 100% natural
  • Helps inhibit prostatic growth
  • Relieves the urogenital system
  • Reduces uric acid
  • Cystitis
  • Gallbladder
  • Depurative
  • Galar duáin
  • Desinflamante and diuretic.

Why Uri+ from Vitalsi:

  • The Surcharge Uri + from vitalsi, Is a herbal mixture, consisting of a leaf of Achiote, leaf of a ponytail, parsley leaf, nettle leaf, and garlic fruit. All its components favor the proper functioning of the immune system, act as natural diuretics. It helps relieve different genitourinary conditions, such as cystitis, ureteritis, and nephritis.
  • Achiote is considered an important source of vitamin A and carotenoids that help regulate sugar levels in the blood, as well as to deinflame and heal. It contains calcium, which helps improve bone health and also folate.
  • The ponytail acts as a powerful and resolutive diuretic. It is indicated to favor urine emission and toxin removal from the liver and kidney. It is used to prevent fluid retention. Because of its high content in mineral salts and vitamins, the ponytail is recommended as a natural ally to treat weakness, mild states of anemia, as support in old age, and in periods of convalescence.
  • Parsley brings us minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, and sulfur, it also offers large amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene, very important
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