Púdar Sliocht Fréamh Maca íon le haghaidh Feabhsú Cíche, Cnaipí & Hips

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☑ Loingseoireacht Saor Domhanda.
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Ite Mír aisíocaíochta & Coinnigh, mura bhfuil mar a thuairiscítear.

Sonraíochtaí Míre:
  • Líon Píosaí: Aonad Amháin
  • Cineál: Glitter
  • NET WT: 100g - 1000g
  • Ingredient: Maca Root Extract
  • Quantity: 1 bag
  • Úsáid: Comhlacht
  • Uimhir Mhúnla: G432
  • is_customized: Tá
  • Púdar Sliocht Fréamh Maca 10: 1
  • There is a variety of sizes available. Please double-check what size you are selecting.
  • 10:1 Means 10LB of Raw Maca Root was used to Extract 1LB of this Powder
Benefits Of Maca Root:
  • Maca root has many benefits, it can increase endurance and energy levels, and can help to treat diseases ranging from depression to many more. Also, maca root is often used instead of hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women, maca root helps to balance hormones without damaging a woman's body.
  • Women can use maca root supplements to help combat infertility as well. Maca is also considered effective in relieving menstrual symptoms. Since many of these symptoms seem to be directly related to the body's inability to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs, maca root's antioxidant properties and hormone-balancing qualities are a good way to counteract that. Maca could be effective with eliminating hot flashes and depression and increasing energy levels.
History of Maca:
  • Often called "Peruvian Ginseng", Maca is a unique root tuber with usage dating back to the mid 15th century. Natives of this area ate it raw, cooked, or boiled and it became a staple in their everyday diet. Contrary to some literature citing its use some 2000 years ago to tout stamina, this is hardly correct.
  • Truth is, the rough terrain of this region made it difficult to cultivate food so most of the community's diet was dependant on wild gathered material, hence the Maca was incorporated into their daily food consumption. It resembles a radish and is actually a close relative as well. The growing conditions are very specific and it will only thrive in the glaciated slopes of the Andes with a prime elevation of 12,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level.
  • Currently, the country of Peru is heavily subsidizing and studying the benefits of this root, and several reports from educational and scientific institutions have shown significant (120-200%) increases in endurance, physical stamina, adaptability to stressful situations. While this information has not been thoroughly reviewed or studied much outside of Peru, the users' testimonies for the last several years are notable.
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